El Llano
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Raw materials of the highest quality, range of image formats and bursting these products have become one of our hallmarks, which continues to grow with a very loyal consumers of all ages.

  • Pipanic

    Sunflower seeds which guarantee a crispy ...
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  • Piponic

    First quality seeds selected by El Llano along with their...
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  • Pelanic

    Peeled pips which guarantee a crispy and crunchy flavour...
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  • Pipanic Fórmula

    Pipanic Formula is made from first quality select pips...
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  • Kokinic

    Authentic, soft and tender, made with first quality select...
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  • Mixnic

    Freshly roasted authentic blend. Mixnic is made from...
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  • Pipanic Ketchup

    Pipanic Ketchup is made from first quality select pips...
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  • Pipanic Aguasal

    Pipanic Aguasal is made from first quality select pips and...
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  • Kiko Billy

    The best giant fried corn with a touch of barbeque...
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  • Bolitas de Queso

    Do you know who Quesi is? He is a small and mischievous...
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  • Flop's

    The authentic puffed rice with a tasty ham flavour...
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  • Gusinic

    Natural Baked Corn. They do not contain any preservatives...
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